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Experience Designer

Every design experience of the future strives to focus on the people first. It is time to unfold human possibilities by looking at the human behaviors, senses and more. Natural User Interfaces are used to develop this new way of interactions. With experiences in conversational UIs and gesture-based interactions I’m happy to share my knowledge with the world.

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Graphic Recorder & Illustrator

Complexity keeps me going in the modern world, which is full of information, thoughts and possibilities. By thinking visually, I continually reduce complexity and offer guidance to bring everyone on the same page and enable to think outside of the box. That’s why I do info graphics or sketch live during events to structure the most relevant information of complex topics.

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Design Thinking & Strategic Coach

There is a global responsibility to foster a lifelong learning for everybody. Taking care of our planet and ourselves can sustainably change a lifetime for all of us. That’s why I foster to help people uncovering their own potentials in their private and business life. I strongly believe in innovational outcome by collaborating with a diverse group of people. Therefor I act as a Design Thinking and Strategic Coach.

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Inspiration Creator

Creators like me find inspiration in unlikely places around the world. I look at the world in my own unique way and build connections. Therefor I have a strong passion, traveling around, learning new languages and getting to know interesting people. By doing this I generate articles, design books, create illustrations or just start my own projects.

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Event Organizer

When there are people from varios fields and countries together at one place we can create inspirational experiences. With my background as a scene painter for television productions I discover and create spaces for people to collaborate and work on future topics to make the world an enjoyable place. It is my passion to bring people together.

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