Hi, I am
Lena Voegele

At the core of my personal mission is a passion for fostering connections between people from diverse cultures. With a strong sense of empathy and creativity, I strive to bring people closer together in a way that inspires and enriches their lives.

woman2 Photo by Mirjam Pfeiffer

As a Human-Centered Designer, I believe that uncovering people's needs is the key to unlocking innovative ideas that can enhance our interactions with the world around us. By seeking inspiration from people and gaining insights into their behaviors, I strive to create designs that bring joy and de-light to their lives.

As a Visual Communication Specialist, I bring together my analytical skills and my knowledge of user behavior to help guide people through the complexities of our fast-moving world. By reducing complexity and offering guidance through visual communication, I empower people to think outside of the box and stay on the same page.

With a deep passion for sports and coaching, I bring a dynamic energy and a flexible approach to my work. Whether it's adapting to sudden changes or tackling unexpected challenges, I thrive in dynamic environments and am always ready to bring my best to any situation.

Overall, my work is driven by my curiosity and my desire to inspire others with new perspectives and ideas. Whether you're seeking fresh insights into your industry or looking to invigorate your brand, I'm here to work collaboratively with you every step of the way. Let's bring our expertise and creativity together to co-create something truly amazing!

Multidisciplinary Problem-Solving
I have a strong academic background in Interaction Design, Visual and Media Anthropology, and Business Development (Product Management). I like to combine these fields in my work, as I believe it provides a powerful source for an innovative problem-solving approach that is centered around people and the environment.

Anthropology provides me with insights into human behavior and culture, while interaction design emphasizes a human-entered design approach that seeks to understand the needs and desires of users in order to create innovative solutions. Entrepreneurship allows me to identify opportunities and create innovative solutions.

By applying an human-centered design approach to business development with insights from anthropology, we can create a process that is centered around the needs of people and the environment.