Design Thinking & Strategic Coach

If I had to describe myself as a Design Thinking Coach in one sentence, I would say:
I adapt to my environment like a chameleon (in this case the team), so that the team doesn't even notice that I'm leading it in the colorful variety.

For me Design Thinking is not a pure method. By working with Design Thinking I want to show people a new way of working. The experience the participants gain by working together interdisciplinary without hierarchies is enormous. I support teams so that the work stays going and each participant can use his full potential. In my work as a coach I have already worked with many international teams and for me there is no classical repeatable principle, every new workshop brings new challenges. Here it is a great pleasure to support the teams individually and to get the best out of them. I strongly believe in innovational outcome by collaborating with a diverse group of people. Therefor I act as a Design Thinking and Strategic Coach.

I am always ready to plan events, accompany projects and coach workshops. Just contact me.