Graphic Recorder & Illustrator

How often have we heard the sentence
"a picture says more than 1000 words"?

A perfect illustration for magazines and books takes time, yet the goal is a visual representation that the viewer can grasp at a glance everything. In addition to this work, as an illustrator you can take on the pleasant challenge of being able to capture real-time people’s ideas, expressions as well as content of keynotes or other event activities in a visual way.
This is exactly what graphic recording is about. All spoken words are translated into a visual form (big picture). As a Graphic recorder I continually reduce complexity and offer guidance by making connections across themes using simple metaphors. For this reason, graphic recording is a perfect tool to increase engagement and summarize memories for the audience of an event.

There are many ways to create a graphic recording, based on the space and wishes of the client, it can be created digitally or on physical paper. Both formats have their strengths and weaknesses. Inn a preparation call, we can talk about the optimal form for your event.

My Motivation:
As a trained stage painter for theatre and television I started my career in the creative field. The bigger the set, the more fun it was. For me, every conference with expert knowledge is like a picture book. I want to give the audience an insight into a world that brings themes together and creates inspiration, just as I do for stage sets in theatre and television. My goal is to create an individual graphic recording (picture) for each event that reflects the mood in the respective style. And if I want to get even deeper into the matter, I illustrate a book (which of course takes more time).

Got interested?
Look at my blog for examples or just reach out to me.