Human-Centered Designer

At the heart of my work is a deep curiosity and a desire to inspire others with fresh perspectives and ideas. Whether you're looking to gain new insights into your industry or revitalize your brand, I'm here to collaborate with you every step of the way. Together, we can bring our expertise and creativity to co-create something truly amazing.

My multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving draws on my strong academic background in Interaction Design, Visual and Media Anthropology, and Business Development (Product Management). I find that blending these fields provides a powerful source of innovation that is centered around people and the environment.

Here's a sneak peek into my design approach:
-Defining your goals and understanding your delivery and wishes as a customer.
-Getting to know your target audience (end users) and exploring their views to uncover their needs.
-Synthesizing the main facts and generating ideas, from easy-to-develop to innovative ideas you never expected.
-Making those ideas tangible through the design process.
-Constantly iterating and remaining flexible to ensure that we're always improving the design.

My design approach is more than just a list of principles. It's about creating meaningful experiences that truly resonate with people. That's why I approach design from an experience-centered perspective, always putting people first. By focusing on human behaviors, senses, and other factors, we can create designs that truly unfold human possibilities.

I'm passionate about designing natural user interfaces, including conversational UIs and gesture-based interactions, and leveraging my knowledge and expertise to help you create designs that are intuitive, engaging, and easy to use. Let's work together to bring your design ideas to life and create meaningful experiences that truly resonate with your audience!