Experience Designer

If you are searching for a Designer, supporting you on design concepts and coming up with fresh ideas, just reach out to me!

My Design Approach:
- Define the goals, understand the delivery and wishes of the customer.
- Understand the target group (end users) find out the needs by exploring their views.
- Bring informations together and synthesis the main facts.
- Generate ideas from easy to develop to innovative ideas you never expected.
- Designtime, make ideas tangible.
- There is always way to improve, to see what is understandable tests and feedback helps.
Allways iterative and flexible!

Experience Design
Every design experience of the future strives to focus on the people first. It is time to unfold human possibilities by looking at the human behaviors, senses and more. Natural User Interfaces are used to develop this new way of interactions. With experiences in conversational UIs and gesture-based interactions I’m happy to share my knowledge with the world.